New Joe Nathan single “Dolce vita” coming soon

Utrecht-based DJ Joe Nathan is about to release a new single called “Dolce vita” by the end of May. The track is a modern interpretation of Ryan Paris’ megahit from 1983. For his remake Joe Nathan focused on the musical key elements of the song, such as the catchy bassline and the plucky synth sounds. All the elements used appear in the first 30 seconds of the original and Joe Nathan rearranged these into a sunny hands-in-the-air EDM banger, perfect for the upcoming summer.

When asked ‘Why a remake of Docle vita?’ Joe Nathan responded, “That’s actually a funny story. I was inspired by another track that gave me the idea to do ‘Dolce vita’ in a similar style. I let the idea rest for a while and then a friend suggested to visit a classics party where Ryan Paris, the original singer of the song, would perform. I figured it would be nice to have him listen to this new version, especially since I knew that it would be so different from the original. So I started working on it and the next morning the track was done. That same evening I let Ryan Paris listen to it and it blew his mind. He was very enthusiastic about it. So it sort of started out as a joke, but often the best things do.”

The track will initially be available in two versions: a radio mix and an extended mix for DJs.

Koningsavond- en dag 2019

Net als in 2018 draait DJ Joe Nathan op Koningsavond 26 april in Cafe Orloff op de Donkere Gaard in Utrecht. Joe Nathan begint om 20:00 en zal vermoedelijk tot een uur of 03:00 door draaien. De muziek wordt afgestemd op de locatie, dus veel jaren 70, 80 en 90 rock en new wave classics zullen voorbij komen.

Op Koningsdag 27 april draait Joe Nathan van 19:00 uur tot middernacht een Jackin Joe Nathan set in The Tara in Amsterdam. Verwacht veel house muziek met disco invloeden.

Joe Nathan remix of Kanomarli out July 27th 2018

The Joe Nathan remixes of Kanomarli – Thinking about your love will be available from July 27, 2018 onwards. Joe Nathan made three remixes: a club, dub and radio remix. As soon as links are available, you’ll find them here. Please note the image in this post is just a temporary mockup cover.

New Joe Nathan remix coming soon!

Joe Nathan had the privilege to remix Kanomarli ft Richard Rogers – Thinking about your love. Check the video below of the original remake by Kanomarli. Note this is not the Joe Nathan remix.

The track is a remake of Skipworth & Turner’s hit single from 1985.

Joe Nathan: “When I noticed the new Kanomarli record I immediately contacted the record label and asked if I could have a shot at doing a remix. I’ve had ideas for a remix of this song for so many years. Now that new vocals were available, I just had to give it a shot. While I had not anticipated doing that remix, and didn’t have time to do one, within 24 hours I had about 2/3 of the remix done. I sent a demo to the label and they loved it. Once I sent in my finished remix they only had a few small suggestions, which I was happy to apply. Then they asked for a dub remix, with less vocals, as well. I also did a radio edit of my first remix, making a total of three available remixes. These have been submitted and will hopefully get released shortly.”

The upcoming Joe Nathan remixes stay close to the original song, but in a modern house treatment. Once the remixes are officially released Joe Nathan will be sending out some promos to DJ’s and radios in his own network alongside the label’s promotion for the new remixes. Keep an eye on this website as well for announcement of the release date.

New Joe Nathan mashup: Cola Children

Joe Nathan started off 2018 with making a new mashup that he had been thinking of doing for some time. “The bassline of Camelphat & Elderbrook – Cola reminded me of “Children” by Robert Miles every time I heard the track. After discussing that with a befriended fellow DJ I figured I’d see how well they could blend together. Turns out they blend together surprisingly well.”

Want to hear how these two songs sound together? Check out Joe Nathan’s mashup below.

Update June 2018:
It has been pointed out to us that more mashups of Cola and Children have popped up the past few months and some of these are played by big name DJ’s on Ibiza.

Joe Nathan at Amsterdam Dance Event 2017

While things have been quiet on this website, there’s a good reason:Joe Nathan has been busy producing music! Initially the music was intended for his own DJ sets, but these productions are now also availble for licensing to record companies. At ADE17 Joe Nathan presented a sampler with 13 tracks he produced over the past months. More tracks are in the works too, so keep an ear out. There’s a wide range of genres: from commercial reggaeton to underground techno, from bouncy house to trap. Joe Nathan produces it all and plays it all in his DJ sets. For more info, dj bookings and/or full-length versions please contact: jonathan @ unigroove . com (no spaces).

KostenKoper verkocht, Joe Nathan lanceert Caliente!

Na precies 15 jaar trekken eigenaren Emile en Michiel de stekker uit KostenKoper, waar DJ Joe Nathan de vaste DJ was. Het duo heeft de afgelopen jaren veel succes gehad met Foodtruck festival Trek en andere events. 27 november draaide Joe Nathan zijn laatste avond, maar toen was hij al volop bezig met een nieuwe clubavond: Caliente!

Caliente banner“Met Caliente ga ik verder met wat ik in Havana al deed: het draaien van herkenbare Hip Hop, R ‘n B, Reggaeton, afgewisseld met Latinhouse en Dance. Het wordt een eclectische mix van diverse stijlen die elkaar goed aanvullen.” Als locatie is gekozen voor Venue, ook bekend als de voormalige SJU. Het is een restaurant in een luxe kelder aan de Varkenmarkt. De eerste editie van Caliente werd georganiseerd op 5 december. Niet de meest ideale avond, maar ondanks dat was er een redelijke opkomst en bleek de muziek zeer in smaak te vallen bij het publiek. Een nieuwe editie is inmiddels aangekondigd voor 9 januari 2016. Volg voor meer Caliente! nieuws de Caliente Facebook pagina.

Joe Nathan remixed Michel Telo

This remix was created by DJ Joe Nathan, aka The Happy Groover.
As resident DJ of the very popular Club Havana (Utrecht, Holland), Joe Nathan noticed the hit version of this great song was lacking the beats to which people dance in a club.
So he decided to create this ‘remix’.

Joe Nathan: “Basically I just added a modest reggaetonbeat and fitted it to the arrangement of the song. Often when I remix a track, I want to stay close to the original version, or arrangement, of the song. This slight modification was just what this song needed to make it more playable in the clubs where I perform. It works like a charm. The reactions have been very, very good :)”