Joe Nathan remix of Kanomarli out July 27th 2018

The Joe Nathan remixes of Kanomarli – Thinking about your love will be available from July 27, 2018 onwards. Joe Nathan made three remixes: a club, dub and radio remix. As soon as links are available, you’ll find them here. Please note the image in this post is just a temporary mockup cover.

Joe Nathan remixed Michel Telo

This remix was created by DJ Joe Nathan, aka The Happy Groover.
As resident DJ of the very popular Club Havana (Utrecht, Holland), Joe Nathan noticed the hit version of this great song was lacking the beats to which people dance in a club.
So he decided to create this ‘remix’.

Joe Nathan: “Basically I just added a modest reggaetonbeat and fitted it to the arrangement of the song. Often when I remix a track, I want to stay close to the original version, or arrangement, of the song. This slight modification was just what this song needed to make it more playable in the clubs where I perform. It works like a charm. The reactions have been very, very good :)”