Joe Nathan live DJ-set on Radio Stad Den Haag

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020, Joe Nathan – producer of Remix The Remix, Tha Bomb and The Happy Groover – played a live DJ-set on Radio Stad Den Haag. This was the third time Joe Nathan was mixing live in this radio studio. This time, however, his DJ-set contained mostly his own music productions. Many of the tracks played have not been released yet. In some cases, they may not even see an official release.

01) 00:00 Giorgio Moroder – From here to eternity (Remix the Remix bootleg)*
02) 03:45 Electric Lady Lab – Fascinated (Remix the Remix bootleg with placeholder vocals)*
03) 08:08 Farley Jackmaster Funk – Love can’t turn around (Remix the Remix bootleg)*
04) 12:20 Baby’s Gang – Challenger (Remix the Remix tech bootleg)*
05) 16:18 Dangerous Dan, Nicky Night Time, Rhonda INTL. – A History Feat. Julian Mitchell (Original Mix with a twist: disco samples replaced for Italo Disco samples)
06) 20:11 Remix the Remix – Japanese Disco Game (upcoming single!)*
07) 24:56 The Ring – Savage lover (Remix the Remix tech bootleg)*
08) 28:40 Remix the Remix – Chinese revenge*
09) 32:00 Who da Funk – Shiny disco balls
10) 33:09 Sean Finn feat. Sister sledge – Lost in music (DJ Blackstone Remix)
11) 39:16 Discoslap, Mark Lower – Whomp (Mark Lower edit)
12) 41:20 Fiorious – I’m not defeated (Catz ‘n Dogz Extended Pride Mix)
13) 43:40 Remix the Remix – Il veliero*
14) 47:18 John Modena – Bette Davis eyes (Remix the Remix bootleg with placeholder vocals)*
15) 50:50 Odessa – Private disco show (Remix the Remix bootleg with placeholder vocals)*
16) 54:53 Purple Disco Machine – In my arms
17) 57:30 Remix the Remix – Diamond In The Night (feat. Bowman)*

* = produced by Joe Nathan

Radio Stad Den Haag was a very popular pirate radio station in the ’80s. The station was connected with several import record shops in The Hague. Due to that its DJs played the newest dance music. The station also played a lot of Italo Disco music, as The Hague – at that time – could be seen as the Italo Disco capital of The Netherlands.

Since many of Joe Nathan’s productions are based on old Italo Disco or ’80s dance music records, it’s no surprise still has a soft spot for Radio Stad Den Haag. While the station currently still plays mostly the music from their heydays in the ’80s, they’re open to new music as well. Hence why Joe Nathan played a lot of new material, based on classic hits, in his DJ-set.

In a previous live mix on the same station on November 3rd, 2019, Joe Nathan played mostly Nu-Disco and Jackin House, as well as a few of his own productions. No video recording was made at the time, but the audio can be found below.

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New Tha Bomb single “Dolce vita” coming soon

Utrecht-based Tha Bomb is about to release a new single on Joe Nathan’s UniGroove label. The track is called “Dolce vita” and will be released by the end of August.


Dolce Vita is a modern interpretation of Ryan Paris’ mega summer hit from 1983. For this remake Tha Bomb focused on the musical key elements of the song, such as the catchy bassline and the plucky synth sounds. All the elements used appear in the first 30 seconds of the original and Tha Bomb rearranged these into a sunny hands-in-the-air EDM banger, perfect for the upcoming summer.

When asked ‘Why a remake of Docle vita?’ Tha Bomb responded, “That’s actually a funny story. I was inspired by another track that gave me the idea to do ‘Dolce vita’ in a similar style. I let the idea rest for a while and then a friend suggested to visit a classics party where Ryan Paris, the original singer of the song, would perform. I figured it would be nice to have him listen to this new version, especially since I knew that it would be so different from the original. So I started working on it and the next morning the track was done. That same evening I let Ryan Paris listen to it and it blew his mind. He was very enthusiastic about it. So it sort of started out as a joke, but often the best things do.”

The track will initially be available in two versions: a radio mix and an extended mix for DJs.